TCS Contact Center Trends

Trends in CCaaS

The demand for contact centre as a service technology has been driven by the need for better customer service solutions and more agile technology environments. Like many sectors in the communication market, CCaaS is evolving at a rapid pace thanks to the introduction of new and disruptive tech. Some of the most recent trends to emerge in CCaaS include:

Artificial Intelligence

While many experts agree that a human touch will always be necessary in the contact centre environment, bots capable of learning from customer interactions could help to automate certain repetitive tasks and improve business performance. For instance, virtual assistants with natural language processing capabilities could help to route the right customer to the right employee, to improve first-time resolutions and improve customer experience.

Remote working

Contact center as a service solutions have begun to open the door for a more diverse and distributed workforce. When contact center services are delivered and maintained over the cloud, employees can log into a system and support customers regardless of where they are. This allows for a more flexible working structure for the modern call center.

Combining CCaaS and UCaaS

Some vendors are beginning to explore the benefits of combining front-end communication solutions like CCaaS with back-end unified communication as a service solutions. This would allow for a more comprehensive overview of the end-to-end environment for business conversations.

Improved analytics

Countless companies want to be able to improve the performance of their contact centre Analytics built into the contact centre as a service solution, along with workforce management and optimisation features will help to improve productivity in any contact centre environment.