TCS More Migration PBX to UCaaS Thoughts

More Migration PBX to UCaaS Thoughts

Thinking first.

Orderly Process

The process of migrating to UCaaS is can be surprisingly orderly and relatively painless for many first-time adopters, especially compared to the demands of installing historical alternatives based on PSTN technology. Before the advent of VoIP technology, moving to a new building or upgrading your communications infrastructure required approval from your landlord and sending a request to the local phone company. You had to schedule an on-site visit several weeks in advance, and pay steep costs for an invasive installation. The process of waiting for a “truck roll” to your site from a technician was repeated each time you needed to add a line or perform maintenance.

Technology Freedom

Switching to UCaaS can free your organization from dependency on costly premises-based equipment or slow, unpredictable timelines for system upgrades. System maintenance and upgrades are entirely outsourced to your cloud vendor, giving you the flexibility to redirect your internal technology resources. You can add features and users as your requirements evolve, and pay only for the services used.


While the UCaaS migration process is simple, it isn’t foolproof. More importantly, a cloud communications implementation should never be one-size-fits-all. The process of switching over should be fully customized to your organization based on your needs and factors such as the number of users, the number of sites, training requirements, and more. The right UCaaS vendor should do the majority of the heavy lifting to ensure the experience is seamless.


To ensure your migration goes as smoothly as possible, it’s wise to know in advance what to expect from the process and your new cloud communications partner. Atlantech Online has been in the business of providing telecommunications and Internet services to organizations in the greater Washington DC metro area, Maryland, and Virginia since 1995. During our decades of industry experience, we’ve helped thousands of businesses migrate to a new phone system–from the largest community college in the United States to small government contractors, mid-sized healthcare organizations, and many more. These experiences have helped us refine our process for client migrations and informed the following best practices for a UCaaS migration.