TCS Project Management

Many consultants consider their work complete once they make a recommendation, but to Total Communication Solutions (TCS), a recommendation is just the beginning.

Matching Growth and Needs

Every telecommunications change carries the risks of mismanaged or inefficient project implementation, which can diminish a project’s return on investment or mitigate it entirely.

Implementation Focus

TCS is highly skilled in managing the migration process from one telecom carrier and/or technology to another without costly delays or disruptions. Our team provides expert input into the planning and strategy of each telecommunications project, providing guidance necessary for you and your internal telecom resources while making sure the carrier stays on track.

Project Management

As your company grows by adding a new division, merges with another company or splits into two separate companies, this can lead to confusion regarding telecom services. When big changes like these are made, your company will likely need a telecommunications consultant to manage the telecom needs of the company. The expert can also offer project management when your company is building an inventory of circuits and lines, considering a new vendor, developing a system to track the wireless devices of your company, or considering migrating part of your technology services to the cloud. A telecommunications consultant will help guide you through the decision making process during projects and changing times, so that your companies telecom needs don’t get lost in the process.

Delivering the Results You Expect

Leveraging over 20 years of experience in successful deployments and migrations, TCS helps protect against the following threats from derailing the project:

Cost Overruns
Supplier delays and missed deadlines
Duplicate and redundant services
Service gaps