Ray Baum Assessment Companion

Act now. In Effect January 6, 2022

Meeting Compliance Requirements

Ray Baum Act Assesment

1. Kari's Law
Dial 911 Requiring NO other Digits
In Effect Now
2. Kari's Law
Alert Security and Administration
In Effect Now
3. Ray Baum Act
Identify Location of Calling Device
In Effect January 6, 2022
Ray Baum Act
What Is Ray Baum Act?
ensure dispatchers know where 911 callers are.
3. Dispatchable Location

Named in honor of Ray Baum, the RAY BAUM’S Act is also an acronym that stands for Repack Airwaves Yielding Better Access for Users of Modern Services. While the Act in its entirety includes many different communications-related initiatives, Section 506 of the Act is particularly focused on 911 emergency services.

Under Section 506 of RAY BAUM’S Act, the Commission has adopted rules to ensure that “dispatchable location” is conveyed with 911 calls to dispatch centers, regardless of the technological platform used, including 911 calls from MLTS. Dispatchable location means a location delivered to the PSAP with a 911 call that consists … necessary to adequately identify the location of the calling party. (47 CFR § 9.3.) 

According to the FCC, the “dispatchable location” is the street address, and if applicable information such as room number, floor number, etc. Information necessary to adequately identify the location of the calling party is required

Ray Baum Act
What Are the Requirements Under Ray Baum Act?
ensure dispatchers know where 911 callers are.
Ray Baum Act  Requirements.
  • Transmission of critical data: Phone systems must transmit critical data directly to 911 centers, including data about the “dispatchable location” from which the call has been placed. This information helps first responders find the callers quickly and easily and allows for invaluable reductions in waiting time. 
  • The language of Section 506 of RAY BAUM’S Act directed the FCC to conclude a proceeding aimed at improving MLTS dispatchable location information provided to public safety at the time of a 911 call. In the FCC’s proceeding that followed, it determined that dispatchable location includes a street address, but should also include more granular information such as building number, floor, suite, room, or other available relevant location information that can best assist emergency responders.
  • Both Kari’s Law and Section 506 of RAY BAUM’S Act deal with E911 and MLTS. Fixed telephony, interconnected VoIP, Internet-based Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS), and mobile text service are all subject to FCC rules under Section 506 of RAY BAUM’s act.