Ray Baum Assessment

Meeting Compliance Requirements

Ray Baum Act 7 Day Assessment

Ray Baum Act
Identify Location of Calling Device
In Effect January 6, 2022
TCS insures your campus provides automated dispatchable location for all 911 calls. 7 Days. Period.

According to the FCC, the “dispatchable location” is the street address, and if applicable information such as room number, floor number, etc. Information necessary to adequately identify the location of the calling party is required.

On January 6, 2022 non-fixed multi-line phones and VOIP must be ready to deliver 911 dispatchable calls. We’ll make sure you know your status clearly and simply. We’ll deliver a written PDF reporting the results.

We’ll use your information to inventory existing equipment and locations and establish  a technology / location / functionality grid.

1. TCS Identifies & Reports Fixed Telephony Status 
2. TCS Identifies & Reports Non-Fixed Telephony Status 
3. TCS Reports & Recommends 
 7 Days. Period.
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