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With all the telecom services on the market, it can be overwhelming and time-consuming to sift through all of the offerings from different vendors, many of which are new and often very niche-specific. Finding the right solution can derail your attention from what really matters. However, making the right selection is crucial for your success.


Finding The Right Solution

Crucial For Success

How do we get them there? We can start with an audit of existing services, then identify where your current technology environment isn’t meeting your needs. If you already know what you need, we can utilize our knowledge base to simplify your sourcing search.

1. Audit of existing service
2. Assess Technology Failures
3. Select the technologies
4. Balance Performance vs Cost

TCS is your resource for complete telecom procurement services. Our team of experts will help you create a technology roadmap that will truly drive growth. We’ll work with you to find, choose, implement, and manage the technologies that get you where you want to be. We streamline spending while improving operations and cutting costs.

Telecom RFP

With telecom services being contractual in nature, the art of the RFP, or request for proposal, should not be overlooked.

If you are of the “if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it,” philosophy, then you may be inclined to renew existing contracts without question. However, in the telecommunications services industry, acquisition pricing is almost always better than retention pricing, so a fast and easy decision to renew without an RFP may lead your company to pay higher rates than necessary.

Your telecommunications consultant knows the ins and outs of the RFP, and can administer one on behalf of your company to help you gain the competitive advantage. With a telecom consultant administering an RFP, it lets the service providers know that they need to keep the pricing competitive. For example, your consultant may include a smaller service provider in the RFP, even though they are not necessarily the best provider to meet the needs of your company. This will likely influence the price quotes that you are given from larger service providers. Your company will not be a victim of inflated pricing or paying for unnecessary, unwanted services with a telecommunications expert in your corner to administer an RFP.

Telecom Contract Negotiation

After performing an RFP

After performing an RFP, your telecommunications consultant can help you negotiate your next telecom services contract. Securing the best contract is not an easy task, as industry terminology, tariffs, pricing schedules and service guides are confusing to most people who are not in the telecom industry. Having an expert on your team who is fluent in the language of telecommunications is critical. Working on your behalf, your telecommunications consultant will give your company the competitive edge, and will help your company secure the best contract terms for the best price