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TCS is a leading Zoom telephony partner delivering complete implementation services. TCS provides comprehensive telephony solutions that cover the entire lifecycle of your telephony system.

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Streamlining your communication processes, increasing efficiency, and enhancing your customer engagement. Delivering a complete suite of telephony solutions to improve your bottom line.

Architecture & Design
We’re on top of all your planning, implementation, and maintenance of communication systems used for voice and data transmission.
Use Case Analysis
Identifying and evaluating specific scenarios to improve your business processes and enhance communication efficiency.
Data Review & Optimization
Analyzing your call data to identify inefficiencies and then improve the overall performance and cost-effectiveness of the telephony system.
Implementation Guidance
Providing expert advice & supporting the deployment and integration of telephony systems, ensuring a smooth & successful implementation.
Implementation Support
Ensuring your telephony system is configured, integrated, and deployed according to your specific requirements and industry standards.
Boots on the Ground Support
On-site technicians troubleshoot and resolve any and all technical issues providing quick and efficient solutions to minimize downtime.
Desk Phone Provisioning & Configuration
Set up and customize desk phones to meet specific needs and preferences of individual users or teams.
Seamless transition transferring phone numbers from one carrier to another, with minimal disruption to communication systems.

Have a question? Here's some answers.

Yes! TCS will provide network converts to connect your analog devices including faxing, paging systems, and various other analog technology into the VoIP technology.
Yes! We specialize in onsite services including site surveys, desk phone provisioning, SBC implementation, and installing analog telephone adapters.
Yes! If you are looking to move part of your phone infrastructure to the cloud, TCS can provide and implement Premise Peering using an SBC to connect Zoom phone with a prem based phone system.

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