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Are you paying too much?
Getting too little?

Maybe it is time to request an audit of your telecom service situation!

1. Telecom Service Audits
Are you wondering if your company is paying too much for telecom services? Are there services out there that would benefit your company that your provider is not currently providing? If so, then maybe it is time to request an audit of your telecom service situation. Your telecommunications consultant can perform an audit of your companies services to let you know how you are doing, kind of like a checkup with your personal physician.
4. Contract Strategy
By performing an audit, your telecommunications expert will be able to help you gain an understanding of your existing telecom contracts, and guide you through a contract strategy moving forward. An audit is a fact finding mission, and with knowledge of the facts you will be able to make the best telecom decisions regarding your telecom services.
2. Your Doctors Office
However, unlike a medical check up, where you go to the doctors office, wait in the waiting room, and have your daily schedule disrupted, a telecom audit is less intrusive and disruptive. The majority of the work can be done offsite, so that your company can carry on with business as usual. What can you expect from your telecom audit?
3. Comprehensive Review
After a comprehensive review of each line item on your telecom invoices, your auditor will: inventory lines, circuits, wireless devices and features company wide to make sure they match what you are paying for uncover any billing errors identify any under-used services, or services for which you are over-paying address any credits or refunds due to you from your provider