The Right UCaaS Provider. A Guide.

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The Right UCaaS Provider. A Guide.

Discover the ideal UCaaS partner for seamless communication. Our reliable guide will lead you through crucial factors, ensuring your organization’s success with the perfect provider.

UCaaS is happening. It’s inevitable. Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) provides the functions to integrate multiple communication tools and services into a single cloud-based platform.  Controlling management and infrastructure costs and ensuring anytime, anywhere availability, from a cloud-based unified communications (UC) solution is what everyone wants.

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Comparing UCaaS Vendors.

5 Key Considerations.

Compare UCaaS vendors thoroughly to unlock the perfect communication solution for your business needs. Make informed choices, and discover the ideal partner to elevate your communication efficiency and productivity. Embrace the future of seamless collaboration with the right UCaaS vendor.
1. Features and Integration.

Ensure the UCaaS vendor’s features align with your business objectives. Verify if their services seamlessly integrate with your existing applications and platforms, including mobile systems and contact center capabilities. Uncover any additional costs for required services.

2. Reliability and Disaster Recovery.

Look for a UCaaS vendor offering redundant infrastructure to guarantee continuous service availability even during disasters. Request proof of their redundancy measures and disaster recovery plan. Verify their ability to uphold uptime guarantees, and access the relevant data.

3. Security and Compliance.

Prioritize a reputable UCaaS vendor with enterprise-grade security hardware, software, and expertise. Understand the specifics of their security systems and their experience in meeting industry compliance requirements.

4. Robust Platform.

Differentiate UCaaS solutions beneath the surface. Some are adapted from on-premises solutions to the cloud, while others are cloud-native. Consider ShoreTel Connect, a versatile platform with a single software code base, allowing for on-premises, cloud-based, or hybrid deployment. Experience faster deployment, simplified support, and consistent user experience.

5. Deployment and Support.

Evaluate deployment speed for your organization’s size, impacting your ROI. Ensure the vendor provides customization, ongoing support, and training during and after deployment. Clarify whether training and support are handled in-house or outsourced to third parties.

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