The Top 10 UCaaS Features for Productivity in 2021

The Top 10 UCaaS Features for Productivity in 2021
By Rob Scott,
Rob Scott,
1.    Unified Interfaces

In the world of anywhere work, we don’t have the time to constantly jump between disjointed apps, devices, and browsers to get work done. Most digital enthusiasts expect all their technology to simply work on the same unified platform. We don’t want complicated software installations and difficult integrations – we want a smooth environment. Having all your communication channels in one place is crucial for productivity.


2.    Calling, video, messaging, and meetings

Omnichannel communications have been a crucial consideration for many business leaders. Calling, video, messaging and meeting services are a must-have so that teams can choose the perfect way to communicate in any environment. The more options teams have to communicate, the easier it is to ensure that everyone gets their message across as clearly as possible.


3.    WFH and Meeting Room Kits

As more employees work from home, remote solutions for an instant meeting setup and accessories that enhance the conferencing experience will become increasingly valuable. Teams will want to access everything from headsets for work and play, to 4K webcams. Plus, we’ll also need to access more COVID-safe meeting room kits for the office that allow for better distancing.


4.    Collaboration Analytics

Now that more companies are spending most of their time interacting through collaborative tools, it’s increasingly important to have the right insights into how these tools work. Collaboration analytics, recap solutions, and meeting recording will be valuable to the modern team. Integrated analytics across all communication channels will be ideal. Since solutions are still emerging, companies will need to check vendor commitment to R&D before investing.


5.    AI-Powered Assistants

Artificial Intelligence-powered assistants will become more powerful in the modern meeting room and UC experience, bringing context to conversations, and augmenting the overall experience. There’s a lot happening in this area right now. It’s important to know what your vendor or service provider is doing to get ahead of the curve.


6.    Microsoft Teams and Office Integration

Ultimately, Microsoft is one of the most popular components of any productivity stack. Microsoft 365 tools combined with Microsoft Teams collaboration will naturally become a must-have for most of the businesses in the remote world. I’m not saying you must choose Microsoft Teams for your complete UC solution, however, its important to consider how you might integrate Microsoft Teams into your overall communications and collaboration strategy.


7.    Workflow Integrations

Integrations are essential to creating that single-pane-of-glass experience I mentioned above. Some of the most valuable connections will include links to things like connections to CRM technology like SAP or Salesforce. Baking your communication and collaboration tools into day to day apps is essential for productivity.


8.    CPaaS and Low Code

As increasing numbers of organizations continue to invest in unique and custom solutions for communications. CPaaS and low code (or no code) APIs are growing in popularity year on year and can help you differentiate your communications strategy. Let developers loose with CPaaS and you’ll never look back.


9.    Smart SIP

Now more than ever, businesses can connect local numbers into their UC service from virtually anywhere in the world with ‘smart’ capabilities. SIP providers are doing a lot to help companies manage global deployments and regulatory compliance. Plus adding layers of additional functionality to help you adapt to the changing landscape. Find yourself a first-class SIP provider for your UCaaS service and it will add a great deal of value to your anywhere work strategy.


10.   Spam Calling Prevention

No company wants to drain the time and focus of their workforce with annoying spam calls. Fortunately, that’s why many providers are beginning to offer new features to battle against this problem. Many providers are offering spam call detection as well as prevention tools, through clever AI systems. Even the government is beginning to get involved. We’re moving to a future where we can all tackle toll fraud together.

If you’re reviewing your UC strategy, UCaaS technology is the perfect solution for anywhere work, work from home and distributed teams.

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