Why K-12 Is Turning To Unified Communications Platforms

Connect with your entire community.

K-12 Educators Need Engagement, Security & Safety.

Answer: Unified Communications

A Single Platform Delivering Videoconferencing, Messaging, & Telephony. Unified Communications Eliminates Fragmented and Overlooked Existing critical path communications.
School Administrators and K-12 Educators are obligated to manage many important and critical communications.
  • Parent-Teacher Communication
  • Emergency Alerts and Notifications
  • Hybrid Learning
  • Mobile Communication
  • Collaborative Projects
  • Professional Development
Unified Communications is the antidote to fragmented and sometimes overlooked methods.
A Single Platform Delivering Videoconferencing, Messaging, & Telephony.

Teachers face challenges managing a multitude of digital technologies communicating with all of their community.

Unified Communications enable  educators to effortlessly navigate various applications, websites, simulations, and instructional games, all while seamlessly communicating with families through different modes like phone calls, personal mobile numbers, emails, and SMS texts.

Unified Communications consolidates these tools into one unified platform, reclaiming valuable time and energy, allowing educators to focus on their primary mission.

Picture a comprehensive solution that brings together different ways of communicating, including speaking, video, and sending messages that don’t require an immediate response, like emails and text messages. This unified solution makes it easy for users to switch smoothly between these different communication methods.

Educators can effortlessly move from talking with someone to having a video chat or exchanging messages without any interruptions. This integrated approach ensures a seamless experience, allowing educators to connect and communicate in the most convenient and available method for them.

Connect with your entire community.

Unified Communications enhances all Educator communications.

Unified Communications is a comprehensive solution that brings together different ways of communicating, including speaking, video, and emails and text messages.
Parent-Teacher Communication.

A unified communications system simplifies communication between parents and teachers. Parents can reach out to teachers using a single contact number or email, regardless of the teacher’s location or preferred communication device. This streamlines parent-teacher meetings, facilitates quick updates on student progress, and enhances overall engagement.

Texting. SMS. Anywhere Calling. Any Device.

Administrators can stay connected and accessible while on the move. They can receive important updates, notifications, and messages on their mobile devices, allowing them to address urgent matters promptly, regardless of their location.

Hybrid Learning.

With a unified communications system, educators can conduct remote teaching sessions from anywhere using video conferencing tools. They can collaborate with students, share educational materials, and provide real-time feedback, fostering a dynamic virtual learning environment.

Connect with your entire community.

Unified Communications enhances all administrator communications.

This unified solution makes it easy for users to switch smoothly between varied communication methods.
Emergency Alerts and Notifications.

During critical situations or emergencies, such as school closures, natural disasters, or security incidents, administrators can leverage the unified communications system to send out mass notifications instantly. These notifications can be received on various devices, ensuring that parents, teachers, and staff stay informed and safe.

Collaborative Projects.

Educators and administrators can collaborate on projects and share resources seamlessly through integrated communication channels. They can exchange ideas, work together on curriculum development, and communicate effectively, enhancing overall productivity and fostering a culture of collaboration within the educational community.

Professional Development.

A unified communications system can facilitate professional development opportunities for educators. They can participate in virtual workshops, webinars, and conferences, expanding their knowledge and staying updated on the latest teaching methodologies and educational trends, regardless of their physical location.

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Connect with your entire community.

Unified Communications. The antidote to fragmentation & overlooked.

Unified Communications in one place safeguards K-12 schools and ensures security & compliance.

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