Optimizing AI in Contact Centers: Balancing Technology with Human Interaction A recent study by Metrigy sheds light on effectively balancing artificial intelligence (AI) with human interaction in contact centers. The research highlights three essential strategies that can enhance customer service while leveraging AI for improved efficiency and satisfaction.

1. Embrace an Omnichannel Experience Adapting to Changing Consumer Preferences Consumer preferences are continually evolving, with many favoring diverse methods of interaction. Although voice calls remain critical for escalations, faster modes of interaction are gaining popularity. For instance, 51.2% of consumers prefer phone calls for problem-solving, while 49.2% opt for self-service when placing orders.

Omnichannel vs. Multichannel Multichannel approaches provide multiple, unintegrated channels, which lack a cohesive customer view. In contrast, an omnichannel strategy integrates all channels, giving agents a comprehensive perspective of the customer's journey. This integration enhances personalization and reduces frustration. Despite its benefits, only 43.3% of companies utilize technology for seamless customer experiences, highlighting the potential of omnichannel solutions.

The Power of Video Despite the high demand for visual channels like video and screen sharing, many companies have yet to exploit this potential fully. Integrating video can significantly enhance personal interactions, leading to a 22% increase in revenue, a 25% boost in customer ratings, and an 18% rise in agent efficiency, according to Metrigy research.

2. Enhance Self-Service with Human-Like AI Improving Self-Service Efficiency Advanced self-service options can significantly elevate customer experiences. While many virtual agents are AI-enabled, they often lack human-like interactions. Developing empathetic and natural-feeling AI is crucial to prevent frustration from limited chatbot interactions. Metrigy's findings show that 44% of customer experience (CX) leaders stress the importance of human-like bots.

Empowering AI with Knowledge Equipping chatbots with robust, updated knowledge management systems enhances their empathy and effectiveness. However, only 30.2% of companies have upgraded their systems. Investing in advanced knowledge management is vital for a more human-like self-service experience.

3. Integrate Unified Communications with Contact Centers Streamlined Operations through Integration Integrating unified communications (UC) with contact centers simplifies management and enhances information flow between departments. Using a single vendor to unify employees and agents on one platform allows comprehensive AI leverage, improving call and meeting summaries and knowledge management. This integration not only boosts efficiency but also provides deeper insights for personalized interactions.

Benefits of a Unified Approach Although only 23% of companies use a single vendor, those that do report significant benefits: a 26.5% improvement in customer ratings, an 18% reduction in operational costs, a 22.6% increase in revenue, and a 23.1% boost in employee efficiency.

By implementing these strategies, businesses can maintain the essential human element in customer service while leveraging AI for enhanced efficiency and satisfaction. Embracing an omnichannel experience, enhancing self-service with empathetic AI, and integrating unified communications with contact centers are key steps towards optimizing AI in contact centers.

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