Platinum Support

Access the technical assistance you require swiftly and effortlessly with plans offering prioritized responses and dedicated management support.

As your company embarks into the realm of Zoom Phone and Contact Center services, count on TCS’ Platinum Support to guide you through any obstacles you may encounter along the path.

When transitioning to your new Zoom Phone system and elevating your agents and supervisors to Zoom Contact Center, seamless support is paramount. Waiting for Tier 1 support is not an option—you need priority response times with built-in SLAs. With TCS Platinum Support, your implementation engineer, who installed your solution, will swiftly return your call and remain on a Zoom Support Session until your issue is resolved. This level of dedicated support ensures that any challenges you encounter are promptly addressed, maximizing the efficiency of your communication platforms and providing peace of mind throughout the process.

With our Platinum Support programs, you’ll receive priority response, swift issue resolution, and enhanced availability of the Zoom Service to ensure minimal downtime. Account Administrators will benefit from priority access to skilled technical experts who will serve as trusted advisors for all service-related matters.

  • 24×7 Global Access
  • Direct Tier 2 Phone Support
  • Priority Response
  • Built-in SLAs
  • Direct Escalations to Zoom
  • Assigned Elite Engineers

Platinum Support

Priority Response

Speed to resolution while maximizing uptime availability of the Zoom Service.

Technical Resources

Administrators get prioritized routing to trained technical personnel

Assigned Elite Engineers

Assigned Elite Engineers will be your trusted advisor for service related activities.

Direct Escalations

Our team will handle all escalations to zoom on your behalf.

When a support ticket is initiated with TCS’s technical support team, it will be classified according to the following Priority levels:

1 hour: The Service is “down,” operation of the Service is severely degraded, or there is a critical impact to the Service due to a fault with the network or other software issue. No workarounds are available. Examples include failures of Zoom’s transmission services or software functions. Zoom will provide necessary resources around the clock to resolve this situation.

4 hours: Significant aspects of the Service are negatively affected by inadequate performance of the network or other software issues. Partial or no workarounds available. Zoom will provide resources during Zoom normal business hours to resolve the situation and additional resources outside of normal business hours as reasonably necessary.

8 hours: General issues related to a feature or a set of features. Operational performance of the service is not impaired. Zoom will provide reasonable resources during Zoom’s normal business hours to assist in resolving the problem or providing a workaround.

24 hours: Informational or Feature Change Request: Customer requires information or assistance with service’s capabilities, installation or configuration and there is little to no effect on its business operations. Included are requests for information, assistance, features, alpha/beta and others. Such requests will be handled within Zoom’s normal business hours.

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